Loss of Income Claims

How to make a loss of income claim?

  1. Obtain a copy of JLT Sport’s Personal Injury Claim Form
    1. Download; or
    2. Phone Echelon on 1800 640 009 who will post a copy to you
  2. Complete all sections of the Claim Form (including Section C)
  3. Send your completed form to Echelon within 270 days from the date of injury (earlier is preferable)
  4. Echelon will confirm receipt of your claim and/or make contact with you should they require further information

Important Information

The cover will be either 85% of the member’s net weekly income or $500 – whichever is the lesser.

The maximum benefit period is 52 weeks.

Please note that payments will be made to claimants net of tax.

The elimination period applicable is 14 days unless your sick leave balance exceeds this, in which case your sick leave balance becomes your excess period.